Situated in the heart of Edinburgh on George St – just five minutes from the famous Edinburgh Castle , sits Hyde & son; a bar passionate from product to personelle about providing the finest selection of wines, draught lagers and craft beers the city has to offer, not forgetting coffee inspired by London’s best barista James Wise, currently blessing the people of Aldgate in our sister venue Treves & Hyde.



Here at Hyde & son, with wide spaces and expansive windows, exists a worthy drinking spot to suit every taste. Wines sourced from around the globe, coming from different cultures and populations all with a passion for their own unique fermentation of the grape to make the finest wines around. Sharing the flavour of cultured and preserved beverages with friends and customers is the inspiration behind what we do at Hyde & son. Enjoy the tastes of locally sourced spirits and cocktails with simplicity yet precise in their attention to detail and the never-ending battle for the perfect balance are at the forefront of our bar.



In addition, first class brews and filter coffees that are revised daily, tweaked and tested to perfection by freshly crowned Coffee Masters champion James Wise, our Head of Coffee. Complimented by fresh juices, smoothies and a selection of locally baked pastries, the offering at Hyde & son stems from the use of great ingredients supported by the exceptional produce of Scotland. Our quest to be Edinburgh’s hotspot for all things food and drink is clear…